Monday, November 15, 2010

I Got-

A 'B' on my last test.

Only 15 more to go.

That is all.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Could it be?!

Has Autumn *finally* arrived here in Northwest Florida? I know Mother Nature has been teasing us for a few weeks now so I'm just hoping that this cool weather is here to stay.

The leaves are turning, the wind is blowing, the rain is coming in and hopefully we won't have anymore days of 85 degree weather. Who wants that in November?! I want it to feel like Fall. I want to be able to wear my hoodies and throw on those warm sweaters. I want to dig out those cute fuzzy socks that are stuffed at the back of my sock drawer.

Cotton sheets have been replaced by flannel sheets, summer quilts have been stored away to make room for warm, fluffy winter comforters. The tea, coffee and hot chocolate have been put at the forefront of the pantry. It's time for me to dust off the crockpot for some homemade chili, soup and pot roast.

I love this time of year.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Final Countdown

To get all my school shite finished with Penn Foster. Blast! It's an 18 month course and well....yeah. I'm only on like course 5 out of like 15-20. I have until February something-or-other or I lose the almost 700 bucks I paid for the course- down the drain. And I will have no one to blame other than myself....and the kids...and him....and Facebook....and Neva....and Stacy....and the animals....and...and...and.....

I'm trying not to stress out b/c truth is, I work better & focus better under pressure but deep down inside- I'm flippin' the fuck out!!! I keep telling myself, "You can do this, you CAN do this." And after I read about 2 sentences I can't focus on the material anymore and re-read those 2 sentences 7x....only to say, "What?" *SIGH*

I even wrote on my weekly to-do list in my 'Mom Plan-It', "start new course book." And then on the following week I wrote, "Take test over course book." Have I followed this? NO. And really. Right now would be the PERFECT time to get my book out and finish the book I started last month but yet, here I sit. Thinking of what to update my followers with, the box of shredded mini-wheats on the counter, how I must get a load of whites washed today, that I forgot to light the pumpkin spice candle and how a smoke would be really good about now.

Maybe I need to take a course in focusing b/c it seems that I have a real problem with that simple task.

Monday, September 20, 2010

So Close...

But yet still so far away. Things have not been going the way that I had planned. Can't anything ever just go my way once?!

*Shouting at the top of my lungs*

I've been looking for and trying to find a job since mid/end of July. Can I say it's not easy at all?! Especially when your only experience is in having babies & raising babies. Totally sucks donkey balls.

I have applied at N.E.W., McDonalds, Ryan's, Hibbets, Applebees, the Post Office and WalMart, just to name a few. Still no luck in getting hired anywhere.

Somethings gotta give right?

So this morning, I got up and decided after giving the local nursing home (or Health & Rehabilitation Center as they are actually called) a 2 week break on me calling every Monday it was time for a call to check up on my application there to get into their CNA program.

Guess what I found out?! That my name was on the list for the next class and as soon as they knew when that was, they would start calling my references. YAY!!! Finally!!! I have been waiting for this since July, seriously. I'm really hoping that they will get a class scheduled soon, like, really really really soon. This way, things can get back on the track I had them on.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Because of you

I have been told recently by a certain someone that they didn't like the "new" me; the person I've changed into within the last couple of months. To this I laugh and say, "you made me this way."

I am who I am today because of you. YOU changed me for better AND for worse.

I am stronger now because of the shit you've put me through. I will not cry anymore because of the shit you've put me through. I will learn to stand on my own two feet because of the shit you've put me through. I will be a survivor because of the shit you've put me through.

And one day you will look back and think how badly you fucked up.

The old Stacy is gone and I kinda like the new one so you can suck it!