Sunday, June 27, 2010

And these are the Days of Our Lives

It has taken me some 2 weeks to get over that nasty sinus infection I had. Still my voice isn't right and at times I still have a slight pressure in my face. In that 2 weeks, my life as I knew it, has become a soap opera...just without the cheesy music and without John Black talking as only he can while rotating his face in a complete circle whilst doing it. I could use John Black about right now for some humor.

Without going into detail (b/c it would take way too long to type out- if you're on my facebook you've got the my-life-falling- apart-via-status-updates) I will just say that everything in my life is very unsure at the moment. Everything. I feel as if I'm in this groundhog day sort of dream where shite just keeps repeating but yet changing all at the same time. It's very confusing, mind- numbing, stomach- churning and heart breaking and I'm watching it from a a train wreck...helpless as to what to do or where to turn. I don't know. Things are so up in the air at the moment that my head is spinning.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The House of Sick

It's going around. The fever, sore throat and coughing. First Diva, then Boy Wonder and now yours truly. Diva hasn't been feeling quite herself since late Thursday night. Her fever is finally gone but now she has this horrible cough. The Boy Wonder woke up in the wee hours of the morning today, crying & croaking that his throat hurt so bad. He had a slight fever so it was off to bed for him for the day. Poor guy. Sick on his field trip day to Big Kuhanas. :(

Around 6 AM this morning, I woke up to a throbbing throat that hurt when I swallowed. Wonderful. A trip to Wal-Mart by 10 to pick up sore throat drops, more meds. for us & cleaner. Home now to clean the house from top to bottom and do my best to get all these damn germs out...that and clean before I get too sick to do anything and the house goes to shite!

Hoping I can keep Princess and Boo away from everyone so they won't get whatever we have.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Go

Today it's pouring outside; the house is dark and the kids are quiet. Such a nice day to relax and just lay on the sofa watching movies. As I type this, I've put in Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland.' Hopefully it won't be too distracting...which is both a good thing and a bad thing...I've 2 veggie egg rolls w/white duck sauce on a tray beside me as I'm propped nice and comfy in my soft bed.

It has rained everyday since I believe May 31st here in the Sunshine state. I feel as if I'm back in England :) I love the rain but I hate that it just makes the grass grow faster.

My plans for today was to take the kids to the beach in Destin before the oil spill hits us. However, Diva's fever didn't go away as we had hoped it would. Instead, it only got higher. It was a very sleepless night for the both of us. She tossed, turned, moaned and coughed all night long. I did the cold washcloth on her forehead, set the alarms for meds. times and worried about her fever all night long. When she finally got up around 11:30 AM (from falling asleep roughly at 9:30 PM) she still had a fever and told me she felt "bad." Soooo, no beach today. :(