I'm a mother, auntie, animal lover, wanna-be movie buff & try to be an avid reader although silence doesn't come often in this house.

I'm a human being although there are many times when I'm ashamed to be one.

I say "fuck" A LOT.

I suffer from an illness where I can't stop buying cute purses & shoes, esp. flip flops. I've been told there's no cure.

Totally obsessed with the Harry Potter series & am truly disappointed there is no Hogwarts.

I'm still waiting for my Edward to come sweep me off my feet...rather impatiently.

I want to visit Sparta ;)

Madea is my hero.

I loathe dishes & laundry.

I hate trying to scrape peanut buter from the bottom of the jar.

All my friends are in the computer.

My ex SIL is one of my best friends & I wouldn't have it any other way :)

I love tattoos in the right places- sexy.

I consider myself an Agnostic. I have too many unanswered questions; I believe there is something greater out there but I don't know that I believe it is Him.

I can't go to the loo alone. It seems there's a silent alarm in my house that once I've entered it, a kid, cat or dog is at the door. I think it would actually feel quite odd to be able to pee in peace.

I over use the comma & somehow, I'm okay with that.