Saturday, January 16, 2010


...a weekend when you have absolutely nothing to do and can just be completely lazy....

Carry On!

Monday, January 4, 2010

~ Support Our Troops ~

My baby brother, my only brother, left today to head out to Kuwait for a 15 month tour. His name is W. Dewitt Sadler. He is a newlywed, a father to 3, stepfather to 2, brother to 3 sisters and uncle to 6. He is a soldier that is serving his country. He is a solider that is putting his life on the line to ensure the safety of others. Others that he doesn't know, will never meet and even those that would spit on him given the chance.

He is not a faceless name in the sea of our military. He, like every one of our military soldiers, belongs to a family. He is loved and we hope and pray for his safe return home to us.

This is a picture taken a few years ago when we were goofin' around (he'd be pissed if he knew I put this up) @ the Easter Egg hunt for all the kids...hey we had to find ways to occupy ourselves when the kids wanted to hunt & rehunt the eggs 7 million times!!

Being a Girl Scout leader, I thought trying to put together care packages for his unit would be a wonderful thing for the girls to do; a really great community service project. Of course I also thought that maybe it would help myself, my daughters, his daughter, and his new wife, Tiffany (my new SIL), feel as if we were helping in some small way. At the end of the tour, I'm planning a meet & greet between the girls and the soldiers so the girls can see, know & understand that they are people and not just soldiers. I'm really hoping that everyone can and will benefit from this C.S. Project in the end.

I have a plea to make to the Blogging World, to my followers and to my online friends. We are but a very small troop of 7 girls so I am going to ask that everyone get involved in this Operation Girl Scout Care Packages; not just for the soldiers but for my *girls.
*This will be the 2nd C.S.P. they have done and the first one, collection/drive for PAWS, was a flop that has had them very discouraged from trying to do another.*

I will post up an address for my brother's unit next month (they have 28 days in Tx. before they ship out) and a list of items that can be sent out for starters. I am also planning to start a Facebook group page so those of you that can and will help out can get all your info in one place. In addition to making a plea here, I will of course make one to the principal of the area school. However, as with anything else Girl Scout related, all school things come first with the school such as bake sales, Jr. class selling fruit, etc. And I understand a point.

In closing I will say thank you ahead of time to those that will help the troop make this C.S.P. a success. Please message me here or e-mail me @ so I can get a head count of how many people we can get involved. I do understand that 15 months is a long time to be doing a project but a little here & there I'm sure will go a long way for our soldiers that are serving. :)

I would also like to take a moment to share my love to my family and friends that have served and/or continue to serve this great country we take for granted:

Roy Alford, Jr (grandfather)- Navy- Korean War
Ronnie Money (uncle)- Army- Vietnam
Robert Alford (uncle)- retired Army Green Beret- Vietnam
David Paplauskas (bio-dad)- retired Air Force- Gulf War
Robert Pagnini, Jr. (step-dad)- retired Air Force- War on Terror- Afghanistan, Uzbekistan
Michael Alford (cousin)- Army Ranger- War on Terror- Iraq
Michael Ellis (BIL)- Army- War on Terror- Iraq
Lawrence Siegel (BIL)- Army- War on Terror- Iraq
Gary D. Joy (FIL)- U.S. Marines- Vietnam (3 tours)
Gary Browning- retired Air Force
Dewitt Sadler (brother)- Army National Guard- War on Terror- Kuwait
Brandon Sadler (brother's cousin)- Army Green Beret- War on Terror- Iraq
Jeff Westbrook- Army National Guard
Jeremy Taylor- Army
Shane Honan- Army
Michael Lightfoot- Air Force
Tom Mudgett- Army

To those I've forgotten, I'm very sorry!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Because the only way to look is up

That's how I'm feeling about the New Year right now. I'm hoping to keep this positive attitude, which might be hard because for anyone that knows me in real life, I tend to be a bit of a pessimist. Although in my defense, when it seems the only luck you have is bad because you can't catch a break for shit, one will tend to veer in that direction. So- only positive thinking, attitude, vibes for me in 2010! :)

Last night while everyone was welcoming in this new year, I was finally sitting down & getting our BK paperwork sorted & recorded. I thought that was an excellent way to start off the year by having this done b/c this one thing is holding us back in many, many ways. After it was all done, about 3 AM, I felt good about it. Like I had finally accomplished something. I know, small feat, but one nonetheless. I tried to continue finishing the recording of past due bills today by calling the places that I have no paperwork from (because they're soooo old) but of course places are closed for New Years Day. Bullocks! They threw my groove I surfed TMZ for a bit instead...

Didn't find anything interesting...Marc Jacobs is covered in tats, Buzz from 'Home Alone' has packed on the pounds, Britney has went back to being a brunette, Tiger....still disappoints me, Sheen & his bimbo need to be locked in a padded room together- with alleged knife- and somehow Michael Lohan & Jon Gosselin are still making news. *BLECH*

Alrighty then! Do you make New Year's Resolutions? I used to but never stuck with them so I quit. I'm not going to make them this year either even though there are some things that I'd love to finally get done....but making them a resolution just adds pressure to make sure you get them done and who the hell needs more pressure?! More pressure creates more stress. More stress causes meltdowns. Meltdowns- aren't pretty.

So instead of making "resolutions" I'm going to make a to-do list. I seem to be able to function well with lists. I'm confident that I will have things crossed off my to-do list by 2011....hopefully sooner of course :)

Here's to the New Year, 2010, and all the POSITIVE things it will bring!!