Friday, January 1, 2010

Because the only way to look is up

That's how I'm feeling about the New Year right now. I'm hoping to keep this positive attitude, which might be hard because for anyone that knows me in real life, I tend to be a bit of a pessimist. Although in my defense, when it seems the only luck you have is bad because you can't catch a break for shit, one will tend to veer in that direction. So- only positive thinking, attitude, vibes for me in 2010! :)

Last night while everyone was welcoming in this new year, I was finally sitting down & getting our BK paperwork sorted & recorded. I thought that was an excellent way to start off the year by having this done b/c this one thing is holding us back in many, many ways. After it was all done, about 3 AM, I felt good about it. Like I had finally accomplished something. I know, small feat, but one nonetheless. I tried to continue finishing the recording of past due bills today by calling the places that I have no paperwork from (because they're soooo old) but of course places are closed for New Years Day. Bullocks! They threw my groove I surfed TMZ for a bit instead...

Didn't find anything interesting...Marc Jacobs is covered in tats, Buzz from 'Home Alone' has packed on the pounds, Britney has went back to being a brunette, Tiger....still disappoints me, Sheen & his bimbo need to be locked in a padded room together- with alleged knife- and somehow Michael Lohan & Jon Gosselin are still making news. *BLECH*

Alrighty then! Do you make New Year's Resolutions? I used to but never stuck with them so I quit. I'm not going to make them this year either even though there are some things that I'd love to finally get done....but making them a resolution just adds pressure to make sure you get them done and who the hell needs more pressure?! More pressure creates more stress. More stress causes meltdowns. Meltdowns- aren't pretty.

So instead of making "resolutions" I'm going to make a to-do list. I seem to be able to function well with lists. I'm confident that I will have things crossed off my to-do list by 2011....hopefully sooner of course :)

Here's to the New Year, 2010, and all the POSITIVE things it will bring!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your posting. It reflects a lot of my own feelings.

I can sure use a good year. It seems a lot of others are also looking for one.

I don't make resolutions; never really did seriously. Never lived up to any.

I made a to do list when I got laid off thanks to the bastards on wall street who are salivating for their million dollar bonuses, which they are getting despite their [criminal] behavior. Oh, the to do list. Didn't do any of it.....

Hope you have a good year.

Babe_chilla said...

I don't make resolutions either. I just use it as a time to think about the things I want to do, since I don't spend much time doing it otherwise.

That or I resolve not to make resolutions. That way, I can't fail :D

Shell said...

What an awesome attitude!