Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I've come to realize...

Okay so this is just a little ditty that I did on Facebook b/c I was tagged & thought I'd share with you guys here.

1. I've come to realize that my chest...isn't as good as it once was (anyone know the Toby Keith song?!)

2. I've come to realize that my sometimes. Yep, I said it.

3. I've come to realize that when I'm driving...I tend to block the noise of the kids out & rock out all by myself.

4. I've come to realize that I need....a vacation.

5. I've come to realize that I have lost...myself, long before I got married....did I really ever figure out *WHO* I was to start with??

6. I've come to realize that I hate it when...people call my house. Am I turning into a hermit or what??

7. I've come to realize that if I'm's an extremely rare occasion seeing how it's only happened twice in my life.

8. I've come to realize that money...might not buy happiness but it sure can help! (Yeah I'm one of those people)

9. I've come to realize that certain people...suck.

10. I've come to realize that I'll me. Take it or leave it.

11. I've come to realize that my siblings...might suck at times but when the shit hits the fan, they're standing there holding my hand.

12. I've come to realize that my mom...will never change & I still love her.

13. I've come to realize that my cell almost up with my 6 month contract, time to switch carriers.

14. I've come to realize that when I woke up this morning...that my student loan crap had to get taken care of today damn it!

15. I've come to realize that last night before I went to sleep...I don't really remember last night before I went to sleep, I've slept since then!!

16. I've come to realize that right now I am thinking...what the hell am I going to make for dinner b/c I didn't take anything out...

17. I've come to realize that my dad...which one are we talking about? I've got 2 of 'em.

18. I've come to realize that when I get on takes my stress awaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy (think song from 'Top Gun')

19. I've come to realize that today...went by quickly.

20. I've come to realize that tonight...will drag on forever (echo) EVER!!!

21. I've come to realize that tomorrow...will be a busy evening.

22. I've come to realize that I really want out tonight.

23. I've come to realize that the person who is most likely to repost this is...whom ever is bored.

24. I've come to realize that like a box of chocolates- you never know what you're gonna get. Thank you Forrest Gump.

25. I've come to realize that this weekend...brings me one more weekend closer to seeing my BFF!

26. I've come to realize that f@cking hard.

27. I've come to realize that my friends...are all in the computer. I heart my online friends!

28. I've come to realize that this year...didn't suck as bad as last year...yet.

29. I've come to realize that my ex is...I've only had one & that was so high school.

30. I've come to realize that maybe I should...stop stressing over things so much & learn to let go.

31. I've come to realize that I man. It just felt right, LOL!!

32. I've come to realize that I don't understand...math. Actually, I've known that since like, grade school.

33. I've come to realize my past...I don't really have a past...

34. I've come to realize that parties...take too long to plan, cause too much stress & end too quickly.

35. I've come to realize that I'm totally terrified...of people tailgating. Sets me into a panic attack.

When Life Hands You Lemons-

you just gotta suck 'em.

Plan & simple.

There's no "make lemonade" outta shitty situations. There's no candy coating smelly turds.

It is what it is.

There's simply, take it, deal with it & eventually things won't be so flippin' sour.

One of my favorite qoutes, "With the sweets there come the sour" is so true.

Just when I thought things were getting back on the right track; I enrolled back in school (sweet) which brings me one step closer to having my teaching degree (sweet), we were getting closer to being done with our BK (sweet) which brings us one step closer to owning our own home (in a yr. or so- sweet) & then my husband loses his job (SOUR). Motherfocker.

It seems that everytime things get going for us, the bottom always falls out somewhere. We seem to never be able to catch a damn break. *SIGH* It's always set back after set back after set back....It's hard to look on the bright side of things when there is no 'bright side.' Just doom & gloom.

I hate lemons.

Well that might explain it

I have wondered why I haven't gotten any comments on my blog. I thought maybe people just found it extremely boring (and so what if they did?!) or maybe they are the readers that don't like to comment (see 'comment whore' blinkie) or maybe it's because they weren't able to leave comments....

A fellow blogging mama was nice enough to let me know over at CafeMom that, hey! Your comment link is broken!! Well hell. I honestly had no idea why so I went in, clicked something that had the word 'embedded' in it & Viola! My comment link works again!

So please, feel free to leave me a comment. I'm going to be catching up on my ever-so neglected blog today in between doing laundry.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I. Am. A Slacker.

I have put things off for long enough. Doing a bit here & a bit there just isn't going to cut it anymore! I'm getting down to the wire & have got to get this shit done NOW or risk being completely unprepared & unorganized. That just can't happen. NO WAY.

What am I talking about you might be wondering?

Well there's the mound of white clothes that have taken up residence on my loveseat since Thursday (mixed in with a few remaining items of the colored load I did before that), there's the once again growing mound of dirty laundry over there <- that has got to get done or else we'll all be lost in a sea of knickers & tee's, there's the dining room table that seems to be the catch-all for everyone (I loathe this). Can I just say I'm sick & flippin' tired of cleaning everyone else's shit off it?! There's the little basket of odds & ends that I do once every few wks. Yeah...I was supposed to empty that basket a month ago. Now all this (or most of it anyway) I've got a good excuse for. No, really. I do.

See last week I had somewhere I had to be everyday, except Monday & that was a Holiday so I took that day off! I had Girl Scout Nut Sale training Tues., Wed. I had Princess's uniform fitting for cheerleading, Thurs. I had a GS leader meeting, on Friday I had parent volunteer orientation at the school, Sat. I had to get my nails filled & bake, finally on Sun. I had to attend Princess's cheer bake sale & that evening go to a Slumber Party until after 9PM. So see? I couldn't have gotten very much done in the time that I was home those days b/c remember that Diva is up my butt the entire day (that's a good thing of course ;)

With all the above 'chores' listed that I have got to get done in my house so that I don't end up playing catch-up the rest of the year, I have something else that is in need of my attention (besides the husband- he'll get his turn damn it!)- my Girl Scout troop.

I am the leader for the only troop in my area. I have been at this for a little over a yr. now. While we are small & gaining & losing girls all the time, I still made a commitment. Not just to the organization. Not just to the girls in this area. I've made a commitment to my daughters who enjoy being a part of Girl Scouts. So now matter how frustrating it gets, how time consuming it is or how much shit I get from parents (they'll get what they give- I'm not paid to put up with their mouths), I will continue to do this FOR THEM. As I was saying, we have yet to have our first meeting and we have a sale coming up in a week. Why have we not meet yet? Well b/c I was trying to get all the flyers out & collected to get new girls in the troop before we have our first meeting. However, schools wanted to be a tad difficult this yr. & the flyers went out later than what I had planned. Anyhoo-

I have re-vamped the parent folders this year into binders with dividers & sections & handy-dandy info at their fingertips. (Sorry, too much Blues Clues) The problem with this is, I've only got 1 binder almost completed. These binders HAVE TO get finished! I can not show up to a registration meeting w/o ALL the binders! Of course I won't know exactly how many binders I'll need until Friday after I pick up all the flyers. With that said, I hit a little bump in the road concerning the green Girl Scout binders over the weekend. I went to WalMart to pick up a few more & what do you know?! They're sold out AND that color was only a promotional item for back-to-school. Shit. I wanted all the parents to have the same binder so I could say "please refer to your green parent binders..." I don't want to be standing there calling out every color of the rainbow.

A saleswoman said to just bring back the green ones & get a color that they have a lot of. No problem, why didn't I think of that? Oh, wait. B/c I'm really horrible at keeping up with receipts & not allowed to bring anything back to WalMart w/o a receipt for 6 months. Suck it WalMart.

Now I'm on a mission to find someone to take the green binders back to the store so I can get another damn color (I think I'll check into this color or something similar, whaddya think?!) & finally get these binders rolling! It would be nice to have 7 done by Friday.

Here's to hoping I get my shit together!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm Bossy!

As you can see by the picture Diva is even a little sassy in her sleep. This is her usual mode when she's awake; hand on the hip & bossing orders to her older siblings. Hence why she is known as The Diva of the house!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Freaky Friday

So every Friday I'm going to do my very best to post strange, unusual, spooky & downright disgusting pictures and/or facts that I find on the World Wide Web. B/c I'm weird like that, I thought it would make my Fridays more interesting. Enjoy!

This is one ride I'll pass on. Should something go wrong, you're plumeting straight to your death. No chance whatsoever of survival. FAIL!

Okay this is just weird. I've heard of touching your tongue to your nose but actually being able to put your nose in your mouth is just very odd to me.

I admit this is kinda cool. Apparently it's face paint...I'm just wondering what possessed the guy wearing it to do this and how long he actually wore it.