Monday, September 14, 2009

I. Am. A Slacker.

I have put things off for long enough. Doing a bit here & a bit there just isn't going to cut it anymore! I'm getting down to the wire & have got to get this shit done NOW or risk being completely unprepared & unorganized. That just can't happen. NO WAY.

What am I talking about you might be wondering?

Well there's the mound of white clothes that have taken up residence on my loveseat since Thursday (mixed in with a few remaining items of the colored load I did before that), there's the once again growing mound of dirty laundry over there <- that has got to get done or else we'll all be lost in a sea of knickers & tee's, there's the dining room table that seems to be the catch-all for everyone (I loathe this). Can I just say I'm sick & flippin' tired of cleaning everyone else's shit off it?! There's the little basket of odds & ends that I do once every few wks. Yeah...I was supposed to empty that basket a month ago. Now all this (or most of it anyway) I've got a good excuse for. No, really. I do.

See last week I had somewhere I had to be everyday, except Monday & that was a Holiday so I took that day off! I had Girl Scout Nut Sale training Tues., Wed. I had Princess's uniform fitting for cheerleading, Thurs. I had a GS leader meeting, on Friday I had parent volunteer orientation at the school, Sat. I had to get my nails filled & bake, finally on Sun. I had to attend Princess's cheer bake sale & that evening go to a Slumber Party until after 9PM. So see? I couldn't have gotten very much done in the time that I was home those days b/c remember that Diva is up my butt the entire day (that's a good thing of course ;)

With all the above 'chores' listed that I have got to get done in my house so that I don't end up playing catch-up the rest of the year, I have something else that is in need of my attention (besides the husband- he'll get his turn damn it!)- my Girl Scout troop.

I am the leader for the only troop in my area. I have been at this for a little over a yr. now. While we are small & gaining & losing girls all the time, I still made a commitment. Not just to the organization. Not just to the girls in this area. I've made a commitment to my daughters who enjoy being a part of Girl Scouts. So now matter how frustrating it gets, how time consuming it is or how much shit I get from parents (they'll get what they give- I'm not paid to put up with their mouths), I will continue to do this FOR THEM. As I was saying, we have yet to have our first meeting and we have a sale coming up in a week. Why have we not meet yet? Well b/c I was trying to get all the flyers out & collected to get new girls in the troop before we have our first meeting. However, schools wanted to be a tad difficult this yr. & the flyers went out later than what I had planned. Anyhoo-

I have re-vamped the parent folders this year into binders with dividers & sections & handy-dandy info at their fingertips. (Sorry, too much Blues Clues) The problem with this is, I've only got 1 binder almost completed. These binders HAVE TO get finished! I can not show up to a registration meeting w/o ALL the binders! Of course I won't know exactly how many binders I'll need until Friday after I pick up all the flyers. With that said, I hit a little bump in the road concerning the green Girl Scout binders over the weekend. I went to WalMart to pick up a few more & what do you know?! They're sold out AND that color was only a promotional item for back-to-school. Shit. I wanted all the parents to have the same binder so I could say "please refer to your green parent binders..." I don't want to be standing there calling out every color of the rainbow.

A saleswoman said to just bring back the green ones & get a color that they have a lot of. No problem, why didn't I think of that? Oh, wait. B/c I'm really horrible at keeping up with receipts & not allowed to bring anything back to WalMart w/o a receipt for 6 months. Suck it WalMart.

Now I'm on a mission to find someone to take the green binders back to the store so I can get another damn color (I think I'll check into this color or something similar, whaddya think?!) & finally get these binders rolling! It would be nice to have 7 done by Friday.

Here's to hoping I get my shit together!!

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