Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Librarian for a day

This was originally written on November 11, 2009.

Do you ever notice when you try to think of something to write, whether smart, funny, etc. you mind goes ________ blank? What about when you actually feel like writing and yet not a single thought comes to mind. If you've ever had these moments then you know what I'm talking about. If you've never had moments such as these....shuddup! *WINK*


So here I sit, all by my lonesome (the high school aide book-put-awayer doesn't count plus it sounds better for dramatic purposes *SNICKER*) pondering on what I should write about that would actually have a purpose....I feel like writing today & yet all that's coming to me is worrying if there's enough left-overs in the fridge to do our Thursday left-over night...


Nope. Still nothing. *SIGH* I suppose I'll go wonder aimlessly about the library until something wonderful pops in me head.


My wondering the library aimlessly is over! I found a book that, for reasons I can not remember, was one of my favorites throughout my early elementary years. The book? 'Make Way for Ducklings.' Written & illustrated by Robert McCloskey. As I sat at the front desk & began to read it, a flood of memories came back to me. Memories of sitting 'indian-style' in a class circle, of little girls playing with each others hair, of laying our heads on our jackets for storytime, of taking the pictures provided in the story and turning them into "real-life" happenings in my own little world.

After reading & reminiscing on that book, I wanted ti find a book that was a favorite even into my teen years. 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.' Written by Judith Viorst, illustrated by Ray Cruz. Who couldn't love this book?! Everyone has days like Alexander (except maybe Willy Wonka or Glinda the Witch of the North) so everyone can identify with and find humor in the story. (I actually used to own the book until I had 2 scribble & rip-happy toddlers in the house...) but alas, the book was checked out.
I did find however a copy of 'Twilight' that I checked out promptly b/c I am one of those people that lives under a rock and hasn't read the book yet BUT am totally in love with the movie version so I can't wait to read it!

***Other books that bring back memories:***
~ Miss Nelson's Class
~ Where the Red Fern Grows
~ Where the Wild Things are
~ Ramona Quimby book series

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