Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Final Countdown

To get all my school shite finished with Penn Foster. Blast! It's an 18 month course and well....yeah. I'm only on like course 5 out of like 15-20. I have until February something-or-other or I lose the almost 700 bucks I paid for the course- down the drain. And I will have no one to blame other than myself....and the kids...and him....and Facebook....and Neva....and Stacy....and the animals....and...and...and.....

I'm trying not to stress out b/c truth is, I work better & focus better under pressure but deep down inside- I'm flippin' the fuck out!!! I keep telling myself, "You can do this, you CAN do this." And after I read about 2 sentences I can't focus on the material anymore and re-read those 2 sentences 7x....only to say, "What?" *SIGH*

I even wrote on my weekly to-do list in my 'Mom Plan-It', "start new course book." And then on the following week I wrote, "Take test over course book." Have I followed this? NO. And really. Right now would be the PERFECT time to get my book out and finish the book I started last month but yet, here I sit. Thinking of what to update my followers with, the box of shredded mini-wheats on the counter, how I must get a load of whites washed today, that I forgot to light the pumpkin spice candle and how a smoke would be really good about now.

Maybe I need to take a course in focusing b/c it seems that I have a real problem with that simple task.

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Christina M. said...

gotcha back! going to add you now! love ya