Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Just a quick update for those of you that are keeping up. Sorry they've been so few and far between!

We now own a big truck and the husband is now employed through Great Wide running Wal Mart freight....I keep meaning to ask him if this means we get some sort of discount with them b/c that would be nice!! The suck part of all this is he is working in/out of Arkansas so we won't get to see him should he "pass through" because well, there's no "passing through" Florida from Arkansas. That is just one of the many suck things about him being in that God awful state but we won't get into that. (FYI: Ark. is hubby's home state, all his family is there & yes, we used to live there.)

Spring Break is approaching! YAY!! Can't wait for the kids to have no school for a week- makes me want summer to hurry up & get here. No plans at all other than to just chill at the casa and let the kids be kids.

I take that back about no plans over SB. My ONE plan is to get some of my schoolwork done. It's been a month yesterday that I've done anything for it so I need to get on the ball....I need someone to light a fire under me arse first b/c I have ZERO motivation.

The meds. I was given have not helped whatsoever. I understand the one will take 6-8 wks. to have an effect but yeah, I'm ready for something to happen. I hate feeling like shite all the time. I'm so over it already.

My brother ended up not going to Kuwait. He is instead, in Iraq. Not cool.

I have become addicted to Nature's Valley Chewy Trail Mix Fruit & Nut bars and have been going through a box every couple of days. What? They're healthy no?!

I guess that's it for now. Until next time!

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FeliciaE said...

Is he actually working for the WalMart Company or a sub company that leases trucks to WM? If he is working for the actual comp. I would think you get a discount.

We currently live in the WM hometown and after years of saying I WOULD NEVER live in AR I find I love it in this little corner. But only this corner the rest of the state scares me. Silly Hillbillies.