Saturday, July 10, 2010


Is all I have to wait until I get to meet my internet BFF & her family! The kids & I are sooooo excited- she & her family are sooooo excited!! YAY!!!!

We met on CafeMom before it grew to the size it is now. When there was only a mere 400 members and less idiots. We have chatted online & on the phone for 3 years now. We video chat, let the kids video chat and now it's for real :) They will arrive on the 13th and are staying at a hotel roughly 20-25 mins. from my house. Diva is excited b/c the hotel has a pool, LOL!

They couldn't have planned to come at a more perfect time for the kids & I. We definitely need this right now with everything going on. I think that's partly why they planned the trip for now. She is such a great friend to me; she supports me in what I do whether it be what she would do, she gives me advice when I need it and tells me when she thinks I'm in the wrong. She has been a shoulder to cry on for the past few weeks and always has comforting words to offer.

Even though this will be our first time meeting in person, I feel as if I have known her my entire life.


The Good Little Housewife said...

I feel like I have known you for my entire life too. I told you, back when we first met, that I had this overwhelming feeling that we weren't new to each other.

I love you and the kids dearly and can't wait until I actually get to see you guys and give all of you the hugs I have been aching to give.

Just a few more short days, my friend. See you soon!!!

sarah said...

aw stace thats awesome!!! Im so happy for you... I havent talked to you much recently, but I know enough to know you really need this!!

I hope you guys have a wonderful time!!!