Saturday, July 17, 2010

So Soon

Stacy & family will leave heading back to their home state later today and it seems like they just arrived yesterday. I will be sad to see them all go. They are all so wonderful and I'm very glad to be able to call her & her hubby my friends.

We have had so much fun with each other that I hate to see it all end. We've swam at their hotel pool a couple of times, went to the beach on Okaloosa Island and hung out at the house. It has been miserably hot outside so anything that involves water or air conditioning is a must! The kids have enjoyed each others company as well; playing video games together (w/o fighting & arguing I might add), the little ones running about playing whatever and just getting to know each other. Melted my heart when Miss O told me that Diva was her "best friend." Awwwww....

Hopefully we will see them next summer and hopefully things on my end will be better. Have a safe trip home guys! Love you all <3

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