Monday, October 19, 2009

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

Nope, it's just me!

Holy shit it feels like I've been gone for ages!! How the hell has everyone been?! I know I had said on my last blog that I'd only be gone the weekend and here it like a week later....

So that weekend was a very busy one, but well worth it. Monday came and Diva wasn't feeling very well; fever, cough, restlessness. I had to go get my certification for sub teaching in our county that day so she was at home with Daddy all day. Tuesday in the wee AM hours I awoke to her body on fire next to mine. When I took her temp it read 103.8. OH MY GOD. I gave her some Motrin, woke the husband, told him I was taking her to the ER. Called my Mama & woke her up so she could go with me as I got dressed. Grabbed up Diva, a blanket & her favorite little cat and ran out the door. Thankfully we just live right down the road from Mom so as I started down the road, she was already walking towards my house. By the time we got to hospital, her temp was down to 100.7. *WHEW* 2 hours later, they said she had the croup (sp?), gave her 2 prescriptions and sent us home.

By mid-morning, I wasn't feeling very well and slept all day with Diva. By the evening, I was sick; cough, body aches, fever, restlessness. And so I spent the next 2 days on the couch. By Friday, I was feeling a little better, but not much. On Saturday I was able to get up and move around with ease. Today, I still sound funny with my runny/stuffy nose and sore throat, but I'm feeling almost 100% better! YAY!! However, I've got Boo & the Boy Wonder home from school today b/c they were throwing up yesterday evening. Ugh.

On top of all this sickness in my house, CTU has dismissed me from school b/c the Dept. of Education keeps dragging their ass with getting my loans in order. Lovely.

I will post some pictures and the video of Princess & the cheer squad @ The Hobo Festival when I finally get them downloaded on my computer.


The Only Girl said...

Hey - just dropping by from SITS! Love your site.

FeliciaE said...

What a rough week, hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Stacy said...

We are, thank you & thanks for stopping by my blog ;)