Sunday, October 4, 2009

May the Force be with Me.

My classes started today. My first Live Chat was at 10 AM, Business Math *SNORE*, but the teacher seems really easy going & even kinda funny. (Those are the best ones to get, they make it easier to come to them w/questions.) My next Live Chat for my 2nd class, Information & Technology starts @ 2:30. Judging from what the teacher posted up, she seems okay. I'll finish judging during & after the Live Chat though ;)

Don't ask about these damn classes b/c they have nothing to do with my long term goal in Elementary Education. The Uni I had planned on attending won't let me in for their BA program in said field until I have 60 hours completed. I'm at 34. Suck. So I thought I'd go back to CTU since I had previously attended there, get my hours & my AA in General Studies & then transfer over to UWF. Of course it won't go as smoothly as it sounds what with all the paperwork & loan transfers, etc., etc., etc.

Aside from all that ^, I registered with roughly a week left before their session was due to start so everything was very rushed. I was able to go in & change some of my later classes but the first 2 were set in stone. So here I go with classes I'm assuming are going to totally kick my arse.



Krissy said...

Ugh, I hated all my math courses for my business major. I had to take ALOT of them! Be happy you've got decent professors...I had the guy from Ferris Bueller for most of mine. SNORE.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your classes. I'm sure you will ace them all. :-)

I've nominated you for a well deserved award at my blog.