Monday, July 27, 2009

No Justice

So Michael Vick has been reinstated to the NFL.


Although my husband said he knew it would happen, I had hopes that it wouldn't.

However it seems the NFL harbors criminals so why wouldn't they let him back? They apparently like to give pats on the backs & fat paychecks to those that are a waste of space. Drunk drivers that kill & animal torturer slash murderer are way up there on the list of people that shouldn't be allowed to breathe.

I seriously hope that whatever team decides to sign Vick on gets so much shit thrown at them they let him go. I hope PETA gets dirty with this, as dirty and downright outrageous as they've never done before.

And if you read this and think BFD blah, blah, blah I want you to look up pictures of the dogs that were saved from Vick's dog fighting "kennel" & tell me what they did to deserve that. How about the ones that were drowned? Electrocuted?? Hung???

If you can look at those pictures and still think it's not a big deal what that piece of shit did/was a part of, then do the world a favor- go get a plastic bag, put it over your head, tie it really tight to ensure no air can get in and wait....

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