Saturday, July 25, 2009

A stranger wondered into our lives...

And just as quickly as he entered, he was gone. This is 'Meaty.' This beautiful dog was at our house one day when we got home and here he stayed for about 2 weeks. Everyone on the farm took to 'Meaty' right away. And even though we knew we needed another pet like we needed a hole in the head, we were ready to keep him. Yes, he had a collar on but no tags so we knew he belonged to someone out there. The local PAWS was notified in case that someone was looking for him.

Meaty followed the kids around outside, accompanied Brent to round up horses & was even friendly to Chunky & Piper even though they weren't too keen w/him. He was such a friendly & loving dog. Took to his new name & came when he was called. His downfall, after a week, was when he started to follow my truck every time I'd try to leave.

The first time he went missing for a day I found him on the next road over at a friends house. I put him in the truck & bought him home. A few days later, Meaty disappeared...never to be seen again. I searched for a good week up & down the roads, near and far, in hopes that we'd find him; kids hanging out the windows calling his name. Even stopping to talk to people in their front yards about him, leaving my phone #.

It's been months now since Meaty's been gone, we still look for him on long roads home. We hope that he finally found his way back home.

**Help your local animal shelter by donating much needed items such as food, bowls, blankets, shampoos, etc. Contact the shelter in your area for a complete list.**

~"You can judge a nation's morality by the way they treat their animals." Ghandi

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