Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are all the children in their beds?

For now it ten o’clock….

School starts tomorrow for my three older kids. They went to bed with bit of excitement, a lot of nervousness & a sprinkle of fear.

I feel for them b/c I can remember having those same feelings when school resumed from summer holiday.

What will the kids in class be like?
Will I like my teacher?
Will this year be way harder than last year?
Will I have homework the first week of school?
What if I get a crap lunch?

Those thoughts that used to run through my head as a kid are now running through my children’s.

Reassure, reassure, reassure….and take them to the local grocer and let them pick out their choice for lunch to ensure that they don’t get a crap lunch!

I wish my kids all the luck in the world on their first day back at school tomorrow! (Even though I know they’ll do great!)

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