Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Battle of Sugar Mountain

Below is a picture I took while helping Boo with her science project, Which do ants prefer- sugar or cheese?

We placed sugar on a medium sized fire ant bed, cheese on a MASSIVE fire ant bed then decided to save time and place both sugar & cheese by a very small black ant bed. The first 2 beds were out in the middle of the pasture with a good distance between them. The little black ants hole in the ground was near the house. We didn't notice any other ant beds nearby.

Fast forward a bit---->>

Boo had to write down what she observed for roughly an hour so we were going back & forth between the 3 ant beds. When we got back to the little black ants, this is what we saw:

As you can clearly see, the fire ants are pretty strong little buggers. They are/were overtaking the much bigger black ants much to our surprise. We felt really bad that these little monsters were now invading the other colony so the project ended with us scattering the sugar & cheese (as much as we could) away from black ants.

And just in case you're wondering, which do ants prefer, they seem much like humans in that it just depends on the ants taste! The first bed could've cared less about a teaspoon of sugar being poured on their home. They hardly took notice of it. The second bed charged & covered the cheese within 30 minutes. The third seemed to go back & forth between the sugar & the cheese. :)

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