Thursday, August 20, 2009

It starts

Tonight is the kids’ open house at school. We’re all nervous as to what teachers they will get this year. Just b/c you go and “request but not really request” doesn’t mean you’ll get the teachers that you didn’t really request….make sense? And of course the secretary won’t tell you which teacher your child has gotten- “You’ll find out at open house,” is the answer I received when trying to find out last week. *Blows Raspberry*

The girls are being more vocal and resistant (is that the word I’m looking for?) about not wanting school to start at the moment. (They had hopes it had burned down...I remember those days!) I think that’s due to them having a bit of a hard time last year. That’s all I’ll say on that matter. The Boy Wonder hasn’t really said too much other than he wished the summer holiday was longer. Don’t we all?! Oh and that he was nervous about going into the 5th grade. I assured him he’d do perfectly well.

Unfortunately, with the excitement that is open house at school and the kids getting to see all their friends again it also means that yes, the summer holiday has sadly come to an end.

So farewell to the lazy days of summer!
You will be missed immensely!
Until next time!!

Kiss me arse to the busy days of the school year!
You will try your best to defeat us with your loads of homework, state tests and stressed out weeks.
We will prevail no matter!!

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